Audio, Podcast and mp3 Resources


A wide range of Audio, Podcast and mp3 resources can be found at the following sites: -


The Ark features talks to 'some of the world's leading religious historians and authors about curious moments in religious history.' Produced by ABC radio, it includes podcasts, mp3 downloads, and transcripts. Access via

Hindsight features episodes on world and Australian history, with podcasts, mp3 dowloads, and transcripts at

In Our Time is a BBC documentary on the History of Ideas, including archives on history, science and religion, which can be accessed via

The Philosopher's Zone assesses a wide range of philosophical and cultural themes (podcasts, mp3 dowloads, and transcripts) at

Rear Vision provides historical and contemporary analysis of politics (podcasts, mp3 dowloads, and transcripts) at

The Spirit of Things provides insights (podcasts, mp3 dowloads, and transcripts) in the history and politics of religion at