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Analysis, Commentary and Academic Sites: -

* The Foreign Affairs Journal has useful online articles at their website at: -

* The Foreign Policy Magazine Website has a wide range of useful articles, essays and news updated on world affairs and globalisation at: 

* With a strong U.S. focus, but some good commentary on NAFTA, South America and global events, Foreign Policy in Focus has a range of short and up-to-date articles at: -

* A range of articles and briefing papers will be at found at the Royal Institute of International Relations website at:


Country and Nation Information Websites (General Sources):

* Information on Chechnya down till the end of December 2000, including a number of useful articles, will be found in The Chechen Republic Online at:

* Information on Persian culture and Iran, including a range of newspapers, will be found in Persepolis, located at:

* CDI Russia Weekly is a useful update on Russia, put together by the Centre for Defence Information (Washington), located at: -

* A wide range of information and linked services about Turkey will be found in at:

* News on Turkey in English will be found in the Turkish Daily News, located at: -


Culture and Society:

* Resources for the Study of East Asian Language and Culture, including on-line translations of the Five Chinese Classics (including Confucius, Mencius and Lao Tzu) will be found at:


Government Information Services:

* The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has a large set of documents and links, including data relating to the wider Asia-Pacific region at: - 

* The Parliament Library of Australia maintains a useful website on foreign affairs, defence and trade at: -

* Economic and other statistics about Turkey can be found in the Republic of Turkey State Institute of Statistics at: -

* The U.S. view of world events can in the Washington Hyperfile Archives, with daily updates available at:


News, Newspaper and Reporting Services:

* A range of Balkan and European news will be found, with special focus on the former Yugoslavia. Its best access point seems to be: -

* Fox News Channel provides quite good global coverage at:

* The Institute for War and Peace Reporting has good coverage of East Europe, the Balkans, Russia and Central Asia at: -

* News Central provides listings and links to some 3,500 newspapers sorted by country at: -

* The Star newspaper in Jordan provides a different slant in Middle East news at: -

* The Sydney Morning Herald has good national and international news coverage at:

* Transitions Online provides good coverage of East Europe, Central Asia and Russia, but you will need to register (free trial memberships are possible) to get full access to most stories. Initial Access will be found at:


Regional Organisations:

* Official documents, press releases and informational reports for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) can be found on the ASEANWEB at: -


Strategic and Military Sites:

* The Centre for Defence Information has a wide range of world-wide information on security, defence and related political issues at:

* Taiwan Security Research provides a wide range of articles and news on Taiwan, China and the Asia-Pacific region at:


United Nations and Related Agencies:

* The Relief Web, a humanitarian information source and a project of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has extensive information on crises around the globe, including country data on aid programs at: -



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